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 In addition to the Broadway Shows and/or  National Tours of CAMELOT, OTHELLO with James Earl Jones and Christopher Plummer, 3 years of SHOWBOAT with John McMartin, Dean Jones, Cloris Leachman, Dorothy Loudon, Anita Gillette and Dick Van Patten (mixed), CITY OF ANGELS, 1776, several PHANTOMS OF THE OPERA, the original Broadway SWEENEY TODD with the Tony Award winning Angela Lansbury, MAN OF LA MANCHA  with John Cullum, Broadway's Tony Award winning revival of KISS ME KATE with Brian Stokes Mitchell, THREE PENNY OPERA with Sting, and an international production of GREAT EXPECTATIONS in England, there have also been a myriad of regional theatres, other international performances, film, TV and soap operas.

When touring permitted, I journeyed back into the world of literature. During these various travels, I was able to write my first novel--Alexander: Journey Into Light.  (It is dedicated to my parents.) Bravo, to this young man, but still a character actor!  

A life and career that have truly been blessed. 

Carriere's son dies

Carriere's son dies



Paul Gemignani

 Three originals from Broadway's SWEENEY TODD, starring Angela Lansbury, still work together, often, 31 years later. This production was KRISTINA at Carnegie Hall in New York City and at the magnificent, Royal Albert Hall in London, England: musical director Paul Gemignani, Robert Ousley and Walter Charles. 

Myself and Richard Harris in a calm moment.

Richard Harris

 During every career, there are individuals who can be credited for mentoring young actors, as well as, maintaining long lasting friendships. I have been blessed with several: Broadway icon, Hal Prince, brilliant music director, Paul Gemignani and performing five years in a world tour of CAMELOT with the late and infamous, Richard Harris


Royal Albert Hall

 No matter what costume I wear, I always try to "fill it out" with character and commitment. Below, I am the Admiral in Alan Menken's A CHRISTMAS CAROL. We presented this production at the famous Madison Square Garden, Paramount Theatre, directed by Michael Okrent and choreographed by Susan Stroman, later achieving fame as a Tony Award winning choreographer and director of stage and film. 

 Sometimes I'm funny, or Silly Squire Dap with Richard Harris or Richard Muenz, in CAMELOT, or just crazy as Jonas Fogg in SWEENEY TODD. And I call myself a serious actor? And I wish everyone could be so lucky as I. 

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