With a little fear, here we go!


In the beginning

 ...but it all really began when I was one year old. 

Bicentennial National Tour of 1776; John Dickinson, center;

Bicentennial National Tour of 1776; John Dickinson

 there was a young actor who came to New York City. After completing two Baylor University degrees, a marriage and divorce, he was in no condition to ever look this young and thin again!

But as Winston Churchill once said, "Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts."

And such is the business of show business! 


John Dickinson

 in a 1776 at Casa Manana


King Pelinore and his dog, Horrid in CAMELOT  and the opera manager

New York was very kind to this lucky, young actor. MACBETH with Powers Booth, Off-Broadway was the first, then three shows at the Champlain Shakespeare Festival were followed by a National Tour of 1776. Many more shows, over the years, led up to a five year World Tour of the brilliant Richard Harris' CAMELOT. As you see from the above photo, my first collie, Sean, became as big a ham in that production, as myself.  


Carriere and the Kopit/Yeston Phantom

  Even when being accidentally stabbed by a sword in one show, he never let on before leaving the stage, on cue.  During a hiatus, Sean made his Shakespearean debut in a Virginia Museum Theatre production of MACBETH. (Dad was MacDuff) Here Sean had to ride a moving platform down a long, raked stage, near to the audience. What a pro!  Then back to four more years of CAMELOT

Champlain Shakespeare Festival


As Sempronius in TIMON OF ATHENS

 Luckily, I got to roll around on a chaise 




Doc Gibbs in OUR TOWN

That one with the bad mustache  

But lets get back to historical progression....


KEY - Headline

 Again, it all started after two degrees from Baylor University----and, of course, that pesky divorce. I earned my Equity Card at the American Conservatory Theatre, in San Francisco. YOUR OWN THING (with Don Johnson) was my 2nd show; yes, the young man on the right later changed his name. But my first Equity production was when I jumped into their HAMLET, replacing someone who had broken his leg. I only had a 30 minute rehearsal  (on the roof) for 3 small roles, but at that age, I felt like a star. 


CAMELOT with Rock Hudson

    Across the country in New York City,  years later, began a tour of CAMELOT with movie star Rock Hudson. I was Sir Dinadan.  

-   Look to his right...Me, in horizontal stripes 


 Sir Dinadan with Sherry Mathis, as Guenevere 


CAMELOT with Richard Harris

World Tour of CAMELOT

 And six years later, that 5 year, World Tour of CAMELOT with Richard Harris. To the left is myself as Squire Dap, King Arthur and Lancelot (Richard Muenz

Beverly Anderson

New York Agent

 My New York agent of eighteen years, Beverly Anderson, in front of her "Working Wall". (I'm above her head on the right) I'd guess this "might" be at Christmas time. What do you think? She helped "spread the word"; Beverly was a star in her field for fifty years!! 


Doc Gibbs in OUR TOWN

That one with the bad mustache