Listen to your Heart


I was fortunate to create the role of down-and-out newspaper salesman, "George" in the theatrical film, LISTEN TO YOUR HEART, starring Cybill Shepherd, Shirley Knight and rising star, Kent Moran. This movie has won multiple festival awards, was screened in Times Square, and can be seen on Netflix and the Lifetime Movie Network. 



 I had great fun as the spineless, simple "Landlord", in the YouTube video, US ON YOUR SIDE. A precious taste of subtlety, to begin the new year. Which has been followed by working with the ABBA creators of CHESS and MAMA MIA, in their American Premiere of KRISTINA, in concert at Carnegie Hall. We flew to London for concerts of this magnificent show, at the prestigious Royal Albert Hall. Now looking forward to Paris, Rome and Sydney.

As a part of the national movement to place focus on hate crimes, I played several roles in a staged reading of THE LARAMIE PROJECT: EPILOGUE, followed by another staged reading with our Baylor alumni in GRACE, by Craig Wright---returning home to Baylor University, where much of "it all" began.

Some other projects keeping me busy, have been principal roles in HADLEYBURG, BIGFOOT AND OTHER LOST SOULS and SHADOW OF THE MOUNTAIN
But with scholarships at Baylor in the name of each member of our immediate Ousley family (Religion, Music Pedigogy, Vocal Production and Theatre Arts), I really look forward to watching the young and talented at Baylor Theatre prosper in their fields of study. They, too, are "under construction" and learning to spread their wings. 





 Most recently I completed the film THE CHALLENGER, starring Michael Clarke Duncan, Epetha Merkersen of "Law and Order", Justin Hartley, Green Arrow of "Smallville", and writer-director, Kent Moran. 



 The two photos below represent the essence of my role "Rodney", a relentless retired cop. 


Kent Moran

  With writer/director/composer and star, Kent Moran 

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